• Custom-built Bus Bars with approximately (10) termination spots
  • Battery Disconnects (100 Amps)


  • With two racks, this system has a capacity of 2040 Amp-hrs
  • Fits in a smaller foot print then most 2 Volt battery systems of equivalent capacity
  • A more economical solution compared to  compared to conventional two volt battery systems

Key Features

This design incorporates 6 battery shelves onto one single relay rack. This design uses  (24) EnerSys SBS 170F's with (4) batteries per string. The capacity of the entire rack comes out to be 1020 Amp-hrs and can also be paired with an additional 6 Shelf Battery rack to create a battery system that has the load capacity of 2040 Amp-hrs and a total footprint of two relay racks.

6 Shelf Battery Rack

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