Standard Features

Communication Power Solutions, Inc. (CPS Inc.) offers the 48-FK2 48Vdc Ventilation Fan Kit as well as the 24-FK2 and 12-FK2 Fan Kits for 24V and 12V applications. These are perfect solutions for circulating air within a small enclosure/room, powered from a DC source. The ventilation fan kit can be implemented into any application requiring a simple thermal management solution


Ventilation Fan Kit (48Vdc, 24Vdc, and 12Vdc)

  • Adjustable Thermal Relay allows you to choose the specific temperature that engages the Ventilation Fans

  • Metal Mesh Guard prevents small debris and pests from entering the enclosure through the fan opening

  • Standard Package includes (2) Fans, the first to push warmer air outside of the cabinet/ room, the second fan pull cooler air from outside into the enclosure.

  • Finger Guards provided to prevent items from contacting the fan blades from the inside of the enclosure

  • Additional wire is included for termination at the power source

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