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  • Capable of powering a load up to 300 Amps at 48VDC when (6) 50 Amps Rectifiers are installed
  • Up to (23) loads can be landed onto the distribution panel, each containing its own breaker.
  • Each string of batteries has their own disconnect to provide an extra layer of security (optional)
  • With (4) strings of EnerSys SBS 190F's this system has a capacity of 760 Amp-hrs (36.5kW-hrs)

Key Features

CMPW.LP300.4E19 (Single Distribution Shelf and up to 300 Amps rectification)

  • Custom-built Bus Bars with approximately (10) termination positions
  • Battery Disconnects (100 Amps)
  • Inverter
  • Solar Charger
  • SBS 170F's can be used instead of the SBS 190F's or less strings can be installed if desired


This design comes with an Omnion (Formerly known as ABB) Lineage CPS6000 Power Plant with up to (6) 50 amp rectifiers and (23) distribution ports. This configuration also comes with four battery strings of EnerSys SBS 190F's, creating a load capacity of 760 amp-hrs or 36.5kW-hrs at 48VDC.