An inverter is a device that changes a direct current (DC) into an alternating current (AC). These devices are often used in tandem with DC power systems in order to provide AC powered equipment with a simple and reliable back-up system.

This device can be powered directly by dc power for 24 or 48 volts. This allows the waveguide dehydrator to be powered directly from a site's DC power system. By being powered in this manner, the dehydrator could be powered by battery back-up during a power outage as well as being powered from a DC input source such as a photovoltaic solar array system.

Pentair Hoffman provides a wide range of reliable cooling systems that can provide precise climate control in even the harshest environments. Click the Link or the photo above to view the products we have to offer from Pentair

CPS, Inc. offers a 48VDC Generator Heater Pad and Kit, perfect for heating motor oil, hydraulic fluids, fuel tanks, and bio-diesel from a 48VDC power source. 

Communication Power Solutions, Inc. (CPS, Inc.) offers the OSD243 and OSD308 Smoke Detectors, both of which are modified Commercial Grade Smoke Detectors suitable for use in enclosed areas. These products are assembled and modified for use in 24VDC & 48VDC telecommunication applications.

CPS, Inc. is your one stop resource for Patented DC Power disconnects. These are the most cost effective DC power disconnects available anywhere. We specialize in products engineered for your safety, convenience, and the improved serviceability of all battery backup systems.

Communication Power Solutions, Inc. strives to continue designing innovative solutions for the power telecommunications industry. We invite you to check back to this section periodically to learn about new products and services we have to offer.

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For questions on products or pricing Contact Us