• SNMP communication compatible
• Programmable pressure range from .10 - 8.00 PSIG
• Maintenance free
• Ultra quiet compressor
• Compact and lightweight
• Remote alarm reset capabilities
• Programmable duty cycle alarm
• Remote access through HTML interface
• Digital display of operating parameters
• Available in metric version
• Air delivery up to 200 SCFD @ 8.00 PSIG
• Versatile bench top, rack, or wall installation


DC Powered Waveguide Dehydrator from PureGas

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The Waveguide Dehydrator can be powered directly by DC power for 24 or 48 Volts, primarily through a site's DC power system. By being powered in this manner, the dehydrator could be powered by battery back-up during a power outage as well as being powered from a DC input source such as a Photovoltaic solar array system.