• Compact – 1RU form factor providing high power density (24 W/in^3)
  • Dual Voltage compatibility– the unique connector pin designation allows the rectifier to be used in a “universal” power shelf, alongside rectifiers or DC-DC converters with different output voltages.
  • Plug and Play– installation of the rectifier in a shelf connected to a compatible system controller initializes all set up parameters automatically. No adjustments are needed.
  • Extended service life– parallel operation with automatic load sharing ensures that parallel units are not unduly stressed even when a unit fails or is removed.
  • Monitoring / control– the built in microprocessor controls and monitors all critical rectifier functions and communicates with the system controller using the built in Galaxy Protocol serial interface.
  • Fail safe performance– hot insertion capabilities allow for converter replacement without system shutdown; soft start and inrush current protection prevent nuisance tripping of upstream breakers.

Infinity Rectifiers and Converters

The CPL series of rectifiers are specifically designed to operate as an integral part of a complete distributed power system or can be easily integrated into an OEM design. The high-density, front-to-back airflow rectifier is designed for minimal space utilization and is highly expandable for future growth.

The power modules are available with many features including PoE (Power Over Ethernet) isolation, a RS485 communications bus for use with Omnion (formerly ABB) battery plant controllers in forming an energy reserve system, and a redundant I2C communications bus for use with a customer’s controller. This flexible and sophisticated feature set makes this front-end power supply an excellent choice for power in a variety of application spaces

CPL Power Supplies

The SPS TE rectifiers are single phase, hot-pluggable, fan cooled rectifiers that provide highly reliable DC power. As cost-effective rectifiers that occupy just 1RU, their shallow depth is an ideal power solution for space critical applications. The constant output power characteristics, as well as the extended temperature range, universal AC input voltage range, and compact size, are key attributes that make this rectifier the right choice for your power needs.

These rectifiers are applicable for indoor and outdoor environments, especially where equipment depth and height are restricted. The SPS TE rectifiers communicate digitally to the Pulsar Edge controller family over a RS485 bus to add extensive monitoring and alarm management facilities. The flexible and sophisticated feature set makes this front-end supply an excellent choice for power in a variety of application spaces.

SPS TE Rectifiers

The CPS6000 TE rectifiers are designed to operate in harsh temperature environments converting AC power to DC power. Integrated into the CPS6000 Power System, the Total Efficiency™ QS Series Rectifiers provide a battery reserve system with battery management features such as slope thermal compensation, low-voltage disconnect, battery high temperature alarm, and shorted cell detection.


For questions on products or pricing Contact Us

For questions on products or pricing Contact Us

A rectifier is an electrical device that converts alternating current (AC), which periodically reverses direction, to direct current (DC), which flows in only one direction through the process known as rectification. These devices are modules and are an important component in DC Power Plants. All rectifiers listed below can be ordered as a replacement or upgrade on an existing power plant. These devices are not stand alone and therefore cannot be used as such.

CPS6000 TE Rectifiers