A rectifier is an electrical device that converts alternating current (AC), which periodically reverses direction, to direct current (DC), which flows in only one direction. This process is known as rectification. These devices are the core component of a DC Power Plant. All rectifiers listed below can be ordered as a replacement or upgrade to an existing power plant. These devices are not stand alone and therefore cannot be used as such.

DC Distribution Equipment and BDFB's  (Battery Distribution Fuse Bay)

DC Distribution Equipment is used to divide and isolate individual loads from a primary power source (commonly the power plant). The main benefits for additional DC distribution is the ability to feed more loads to more equipment. Also, each load can be monitored individually in order to understand the power being drawn from each equipment. We offer several types of DC distribution equipment that allow for extra load monitoring, load maintaining, with multiple fuse/circuit breaker options.

Omnion (Previously ABB Critical Power) has you covered with a wide range of reliable and highly efficient solutions tailored to fit any application or environment. From powerful, robust data centers, to the smallest, high density OEM products components, they provide everything with industry-leading efficiency for sustainable, cost-saving performance. We are proud to be an Omnion partner, as it allows us to provide the best prices and services around. We also proudly provide DC power products from other leading manufacturers including Vertiv Network Power and Eltek Power Systems.


For questions on products or pricing Contact Us

For questions on products or pricing Contact Us

Large Power Plants provide over 960,000 Watts in an integrated multi-cabinet configuration, which is 20,000 amps at 48VDC. These systems are capable of receiving AC power from 3-phase 208/240VAC or 480VAC inputs. Large plants have efficiency rating approaching 97% and are specifically designed for small, medium, or large data scale centers.

Medium Power Plants provide power up to 65,000 Watts, or 1200 amps at 48VDC. These systems are capable of supporting dual voltages, providing power to both +24 and -48 equipment at the same time. Medium plants provide a larger amount of distribution compared to small power plants and have an efficiency rating of up to 97%. 

Small Power Plants provide up to 3000 Watts of power, or 60 amps at 48VDC. These systems are rack mountable either in a 19-inch or 23-inch rack configuration, only taking up 1RU of shelf capacity (approximately 1.75in). The power plants are lightweight, with a depth of only 10.3 inches (26.2 cm), and have an efficiency rating of up to 95% depending on the load size.

A DC Power System is  used to provide uninterrupted DC power to telecom, utilities, railroad, renewable or any other type of equipment requiring DC power. Its main function is to convert AC power to DC power as well as to charge and maintain the back-up battery system. DC Power Systems also monitor and control the power being outputted to the equipment, maintain correct voltage and trigger alarms when necessary. By providing filtering and surge protection, these systems  create an extra layer of protection for the equipment being powered.

DC Power Systems