4" x 2" Heating Pad

Included in the Kit or available separate, the 12" x 4" Heating Pad is perfect for heating oil filters due to its ability to wrap around objects with ease. The pad uses 100 Watts Maximum/1.85A @ 54V.

  • Adjustable Thermal Relay allows you to choose the specific temperature that the heater pads will operate at
  • Waterproof Enclosure provided for power input and output terminations
  • Standard Package includes (2) heater Pads, one for the Engine Oil Filter and the other for the Engine Oil Pan
  • Combiner Block inside of enclosure, reducing power inputs to only (1) circuit for all heater pads
  • Cable glands provided to ensure waterproof cable entry
  • Installation Tool and Silicone Sealer provided with Kit for simple installation

12" x 4" Heating Pad w/ Velcro Strap

Heating Pad Kit

CPS, Inc. offers a 48VDC Generator Heater Pad and Kit, perfect for heating motor oil, hydraulic fluids, fuel tanks, and bio-diesel from a 48VDC power source. 


The DHP211-48 48VDC Generator Heater Pad Kit can be implemented onto almost any generator set up where 48VDC power is available, allowing for a quick start up with little wear and tear on the internal engine components. The DHP211-48 is a great alternative to a standard 120VAC Generator Engine Block Heaters, since it provides heat to the engine oil without requiring much power. The unit requires only 250-300W to operate, compard to 1500-2000W needed on a standard engineer block heater. 


Included in the Kit or available separate, the 4" x 2" Heating Pad is perfect for heating engine oil pans due to its small size and maneuverability. The pad uses 78 Watts Maximum/1.44A @ 54V.

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48VDC Generator Heating Pads