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By partnering with the leading manufacturers in the industry, we're able to provide the highest quality products at the lowest prices. In addition, CPS, Inc also provides custom engineered DC Power Systems designed to fit your exclusive requirements. We also offer pre-designed power solutions that take out guess work and allow for a faster lead time. Our highly qualified technicians and engineers are always here to help you with any installation needs you have.


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Besides DC Power and Battery System installations, Communication Power Solutions, Inc. also provides services including but not limited to the following; 

  • Battery System Testing
  • Battery System Troubleshooting
  • Quarterly Preventative Maintenance
  • Solar Array System Design and Installation
  • Noise Mitigation
  • Custom Engineered Drawings
  • Ground Testing
  • Battery Recycling and Disposal
  • Site Reliability Surveys
  • Emergency Service and Repair
  • Power System Installations
  • Upgrades and Modifications

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Communication Power Solutions (CPS), Inc. delivers highly talented personnel qualified as Battery, DC Power and Wireless equipment installers. We provide a wide range of support for many DC Power and RF service demands. In addition to Batteries, Battery Accessories, Custom Cabinets and Patented DC Disconnects, we also provide Site Engineering and RF trouble shooting. All of this is done with personal customer service to ensure that all your needs are  met or exceeded.

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