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  • Ethical - To operate with honesty and transparency in all our business dealings.

  • Experience - To provide expertise and innovative solutions to our clients.


  • ​Excellence - Delivering value without sacrificing safety or standards.


  • ​Respect - Each and every client will be treated with the highest regard.

  • ​Customer Service - Committed to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

  • Safety- All work will be completed while maintaining a safe environment for our employees and you.

  • Feedback - We always maintain an open line of communication when partnering with our clients.

​​Our Promise to Our Customers

A Proud Partner of:

Our partnerships with many of the top manufacturer's, allows us the power to provide superior quality equipment for your solution without the retail pricing. Incorporate our on-site engineering department and warehouse to help cut down on long lead times and excessive inventory & handling costs. A Quality Control inspection is conducted on every piece of equipment before we ship it out to you. 

Superior Quality

Commitment to Excellence for over 20 Years

Communication Power Solutions, Inc., has delivered unprecedented, quality work in the Telecommunications industry for over 20 years. Working with the biggest names in the business, CPS has established itself as an industry leader in quality services and installations. Our 100 plus years of experience in the industry, combined with our dedication to customer satisfaction, is what sets us apart from the competition.

Ethical, Experienced, Excellence