VaultFlex Enclosure

  • SBS 112F
  • SBS 170F
  • SBS 190F
  • 12V 155FS
  • 12V 170FS
  • 12V 190FS

Sizing Options

  • DDm 100-21
  • SBS EON 900
  • OPzV 600
  • OPzV 800
  • OPzV 1000
  • OPzV 1200

Single Bay

  • Two-Tier (30"W x 29"D x 30"H)
  • Three-Tier(30”W x 29”D x 45”H)
  • Four-Tier (30”W x 29”D x 60”H)

Dual Bay

  • Dual Bay (65”W x 34”D x 75”H)

Purcell Systems' FlexSure® BLS outdoor enclosures use pre-engineered interchangeable components that enable the creation of outside plant support solutions for virtually any equipment and power deployment configuration. FlexSure's modularity offers expandable architecture that can easily be upgraded in the field without service interruption deployed by telecommunications providers in support of DSL, Broadband Loop Carrier, Digital Loop Carrier, Line Power, WiFi, WiMax and Wireless Backhaul applications.

Purcell Systems provides the highest in quality outdoor electronic equipment enclosures. Offering innovative, flexible solutions delivered with unmatched speed and its Fanatical Service® guarantee, Purcell’s outdoor equipment enclosure solutions allow customers to save time, labor, space, capital and operational expense as compared to prefabricated buildings and shelters. All this while meeting your exact needs for equipment mounting space, thermal management, copper and fiber cable management, as well as power and battery backup.

  • Pad or Plinth Mounted
  • Corrosion Resistant Aluminum Single Wall Construction
  • NEMA 3R Rated and UL-508A Listed
  • Optional Thermoelectric Cooler, Standard Air Conditioner or Direct Air Cooler
  • 5 Year Warranty on Enclosure, 1 Year on Thermal System
  • Telcordia GR-487 certified, UL508 Listed
  • Highly Flexible and Scalable
  • Energy efficient advanced thermal solutions
  • Field upgradable
  • AC and DC power options
  • Pad, pole, wall, H-frame mounting options

Key Features and Sizing Options

Purcell Systems Outside Enclosures

FlexSure Enclosures

SiteFlex Enclosures are designed to support a variety of outside plant equipment applications, the SiteFlex® NEMA 3R outdoor enclosures provide a scalable & expandable set of robust solutions. From Small Cell to large Base Transceiver Stations (BTS), the SiteFlex series provide AC and DC Power, flexible cable management, and battery & auxiliary equipment space in compact environmentally controlled outdoor cabinets. The size of the cabinets range from 19”x16”x9” all the way to 68”x60”x30”. These cabinets can be built with a wide range of thermal management systems helping you fit your needs. These enclosures can also be customized and integrated with AC or DC power and battery systems in order to meet your exact design requirements.

Sizing Options


  • Compliant with hydrogen evacuation criteria per UL/CSA/EN 60950-22
  • Compliant with earthquake Zone 4 criteria per Telcordia GR-63
  • Compliant with electrical safety criteria per UL/CSA/EN 60950-1
  • Compliant with EMC criteria per EN 61000, FCC, ICES
  • CE Mark
  • RoHS compliant

SiteFlex Enclosures

VaultFlexTM single bay and dual bay enclosures provide a secure thermally managed environment for backup battery systems for telecommunications and cable applications that ensures the most efficient thermal management solution with the lowest energy consumption. VaultFlex enclosures are available with a selection of heating and cooling options including Air Conditioning (AC) and Direct Air Cooling (DAC). Enclosure architecture allows the cabinet to be divided into multiple thermal zones supporting vastly different equipment operating characteristics with the highest reliability.

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Battery Options

Sizing Options

  • SiteFlex 00-1609 (19”Hx16”Wx9”D)
  • SiteFlex 01-1713 (5”Hx17”Wx13”D)
  • SiteFlex 02-1406 (24”Hx15”Wx10”D)
  • SiteFlex 05-1518 (24”Hx15”Wx18.5”D)
  • SiteFlex 17-2420 (35”Hx24”Wx20”D)
  • SiteFlex 17-2824 (35”Hx28”Wx24”D)
  • SiteFlex 17-2420 (35”Hx24”Wx20”D)
  • SiteFlex 17-2420 (35”Hx24”Wx20”D)
  • SiteFlex 18-3332 (98.4”Hx32.7”Wx31.7”D)
  • SiteFlex 24-3031 (48”Hx30”Wx31”D)
  • SiteFlex 26-2629 (79”Hx26”Wx29”D)
  • SiteFlex 31-3031 (58”Hx30”Wx31”D)
  • SiteFlex 37-3031 (68”Hx30”Wx31”D)
  • SiteFlex 42-3031 (77”Hx30”Wx31”D)
  • SiteFlex 74-3031 (68”Hx60”Wx31”D)

FlexSure 3030 BLS

  •  FlexSure 12-3030 (31”H x 30”W x 30”D)
  •  FlexSure 16-3030 (38”H x 30”W x 30”D)
  •  FlexSure 20-3030 (45”H x 30”W x 30”D)
  •  FlexSure 25-3030 (54”H x 30”W x 30”D)
  •  FlexSure 36-3030 (74”H x 30”W x 30”D)
  •  FlexSure 12-2420 (23”H x 24”W x 20”D)


  •  FlexSure 12-2820 (28”H x 20”W x 23”D)
  • FlexSure 16-2520 (30”H x 25”W x 20”D)